I enjoy networking and meeting folks with diverse backgrounds. One of the following reasons is perfect to get in touch at info@janmejay.com.

  • Say Hello!: I love to interact with the visitors to my site. I would really appreciate if you drop a brief note to just say “Hello” instead of leaving only your footprints in my server logs.
  • Join my team: I am continuously looking for talented folks either for my team or for one of my friends. If you are a great developer, UI engineer or UX designer, then please drop me a note giving a summary of your past projects and if possible a link to your portfolio.
  • Turn-around: I am passionate about turning around tech businesses with minimal surgery. It doesn’t matter where you are located. Technology has made collaboration across the globe easier. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate.
  • Startup: I enjoy solving problems and love startups. If you are a startup founder, I would love to help. Let us meet if you are in Delhi NCR region!

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn as I accept all invitations as every new connection increases my reach within LinkedIn network. Facebook is only for family, close friends and ex-colleagues. I usually use twitter to share the interesting articles I read or new music I discover.

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