Core beliefs & Passions

I am constantly learning and unlearning as I try to become a better human being. My beliefs and passions are continuously changing as my thoughts continue to evolve. My core beliefs are summarized below:

  • Wellness: Corporate jobs have become very stressful and there is very little awareness around healthy living. Very few employers bother to create awareness around this even though unhealthy life style is a major productivity killer. I have become very passionate about wellness recently and have become a raw vegan (plant based diet without cooking) from being a vegetarian. While I have personally benefited significantly from raw vegan diet and feel very energetic, there are pros and cons of such diet. Drop me a line, if you want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learning: I am continuously learning using my personal model for rapidly acquiring knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Besides reading books, blogs, watching videos & webinars, and using apps, I also attend select meetups.
  • Fine Arts: As a student, I enjoyed painting, and poetry. It helped in building a deep sense of aesthetics which came in handy while designing large enterprise applications. I admire the works of famous painters, architects, sculptors, poets and singers. I have learnt the concepts of UX and UI by using several MOOCs.
  • Technology: I enjoy leveraging appropriate technology to change lives and organizations dramatically. Personally, I love gadgets and am a early adopter of the emerging technologies. I enjoy using technology to automate my personal tasks. When I am sleeping my bots are busy doing stuff for me.
  • Reincarnation: I have been fascinated by reincarnation, and paranormal since my formative years. In 1992, I accidentally came across a book called “You Cannot Die” by Ian Currie. It was one of the most fascinating books on death, dying and reincarnation. Since then, I have read several books, watched several lectures and still know so little. Reincarnation shows that people can change religious, ethic, national and racial affiliations from lifetime to lifetime. Just imagine, if people started believing in reincarnation, most of the conflicts in the world will go away as a Sanatan Dharmi can be born as a Muslim or Christian (and vice versa) after death.